[Liwg-core] Greenland SMB in #173: so far, so good

Bill Sacks sacks at ucar.edu
Tue Jun 6 11:51:15 MDT 2017

Hi Andrew,

Jan checked Greenland Surface Mass Balance in #173, and so far (yrs 2-21) it's looking good: about the same as other runs:

> Greenland SMB is ~500 Gt/yr, which is consistent with previous (good) simulations. I would argue that Greenland melt is a bit too low (but hard to say as this is 1850). Also consistent is the lack of N-Greenland runoff.
> Antarctic melt looks great, which is also in line with previous simulations. Overall, no big red flags or alarm bells based on this preliminary analysis.

We'll check again when the run is a bit further along.

Bill S

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