[Liwg-core] Transitioning away from CESM2 / land ice projects for the next few months

Bill Sacks sacks at ucar.edu
Tue Jun 27 12:01:29 MDT 2017

Hi all,

In the next day or so, I will be wrapping up my highest-priority tasks for CESM2 and moving the bulk of my time for the remainder of the fiscal year (end of September) to the development of a unified land modeling framework at NCAR ("CTSM"). Bill Lipscomb asked me to list the major outstanding CESM2 land ice tasks that I have not been able to finish. These are roughly in order from things I will most likely still do for CESM2 to things I most likely will NOT do for CESM2:

(1) Help with final pieces of bringing CISM2.1 into CESM

I still plan to help with this

(2) Help with documentation for CESM2: land ice documentation, relevant parts of CLM tech note, and Jeremy's model description paper

I still plan to help with this

(3) Consistent atmospheric topography when running IG or JG compsets with cplhist forcings

I may be able to help with this, particularly if Jeremy, Leo or someone else helps determine what needs to be changed in the course of the runs they're doing.

(4) Use glc_mec in CLM even when running with a stub glc model

This is the highest-priority remaining big project, which I'll do for CESM2 if there is time; but honestly I'm not sure that there will be time unless CESM2 is delayed until at least late 2017.

(5) Fix generation & use of TG data so that TG compsets give scientifically reasonable results

(6) Improved handling of water & energy conservation with dynamic landunits

(7) Some coupling edge cases – e.g., CLM dictates more melt than CISM can accommodate

Bill S

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