[Liwg-core] Feasibility of adding some LIWG-relevant diagnostics to Land diagnostics package?

Bill Sacks sacks at ucar.edu
Thu Mar 2 12:00:16 MST 2017

Hi Keith and Alice,

A number of people in the LIWG have expressed interest in having more LIWG-relevant diagnostics produced automatically in CESM2 runs. Eventually, we'd like to have our own LIWG diagnostics package, but we're not going to have time to do that for the CESM2 release.

Most of what we'd want is obtainable from CLM history files. So, in the short term – i.e., the next couple of months – we were wondering if it would be feasible to add some LIWG-relevant diagnostics fields to the Land diagnostics package. At the very least, this would involve adding some new fields. Ideally, these would be shown with regional projections centered over Antarctica and Greenland; I don't think this is currently done for any LMWG diagnostics, though it is for AMWG diagnostics. We might also want to include some new observational and reanalysis-derived datasets for comparison. Perhaps all of this could be included in a new "set"??

Do you feel this would be feasible over the next two months? Jan Lenaerts (cc'ed) is happy to take the lead on this, so this shouldn't take much of your time, other than perhaps pointing us in the right direction. So the questions are really:

(1) Keith: Does this seem acceptable?

(2) Both: Do you have a sense of how hard this would be? Specifically, how hard would it be to (a) add a new set, (b) include regional map plots, (c) include new observational datasets?


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