[Liwg-core] Feasibility of adding some LIWG-relevant diagnostics to Land diagnostics package?

Alice Bertini aliceb at ucar.edu
Thu Mar 2 12:11:41 MST 2017

Hi Bill,

It's definitely doable to add a new plot set into the python framework. In
fact, the WACCM group
did just that last summer and wrote up their development experience here:


That being said, I think we'd want to look at a couple of things first to
gauge what needs to be done
before putting it into a time frame:

- are there special climo or average files in addition to those already
being created for the lnd diags
that we need to add to the pyAverager?
- what languange are the existing plotting functions written in (NCL, IDL,
matplot, etc...)?
- what controls do we need to add to the XML settings to control this new
plot set? Is there
an existing script available for generating the Land-ice diags that we can
look at more closely?

Just let me know how you'd like to proceed.


On Thu, Mar 2, 2017 at 12:00 PM, Bill Sacks <sacks at ucar.edu> wrote:

> Hi Keith and Alice,
> A number of people in the LIWG have expressed interest in having more
> LIWG-relevant diagnostics produced automatically in CESM2 runs. Eventually,
> we'd like to have our own LIWG diagnostics package, but we're not going to
> have time to do that for the CESM2 release.
> Most of what we'd want is obtainable from CLM history files. So, in the
> short term – i.e., the next couple of months – we were wondering if it
> would be feasible to add some LIWG-relevant diagnostics fields to the Land
> diagnostics package. At the very least, this would involve adding some new
> fields. Ideally, these would be shown with regional projections centered
> over Antarctica and Greenland; I don't think this is currently done for any
> LMWG diagnostics, though it is for AMWG diagnostics. We might also want to
> include some new observational and reanalysis-derived datasets for
> comparison. Perhaps all of this could be included in a new "set"??
> Do you feel this would be feasible over the next two months? Jan Lenaerts
> (cc'ed) is happy to take the lead on this, so this shouldn't take much of
> your time, other than perhaps pointing us in the right direction. So the
> questions are really:
> (1) Keith: Does this seem acceptable?
> (2) Both: Do you have a sense of how hard this would be? Specifically, how
> hard would it be to (a) add a new set, (b) include regional map plots, (c)
> include new observational datasets?
> Thanks,
> Bill

Alice Bertini
NCAR - CSEG Software Engineer
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