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 March 7, 2017 

Plan for papers (see also slides: https://www.dropbox.com/s/aom2cozwjlfan5o/20170307.pptx?dl=0 <https://www.dropbox.com/s/aom2cozwjlfan5o/20170307.pptx?dl=0>)

JGR proposal: They could create a special issue that ties together different journals – ocean, atmosphere, space weather, etc.

First round of papers: Main purpose would be to make sure that people who have been heavily involved in model development get appropriate credit – to protect ourselves in terms of credit.

By the time of the first round of papers, we should have an 1850, and maybe a 20th century.

Rich feels we need a 20th century for these papers. JF points out that there are practical time constraints that could prevent us from having a 20th century run by then.

Dave L: At least for CLM, the focus of the paper would be on CLM, not the coupled system.

Gokhan: What did we do for CCSM4? Recalls that the papers came out much after the model release. Reviewers for Journal of Climate were clear that they wanted some results. Feels that reviewers for these papers are going to want some comparison with observations, which would require a 20th century run....

JF: That's why we're going with JAMES rather than Journal of Climate: this makes model description papers more feasible. If some components, like POP, feel they need more model results, they could wait until a little later to get their papers out.

Keith L and Dave B have experiences with JAMES with reviewers asking for more results.

Marika (who is an associate editor for JAMES) says there do need to be some science results in JAMES.

Gokhan: What is the timeline for the actual CESM2 overview paper? He feels this is the critical one that's needed, because that's what people will cite.
JF: Would probably focus this on the 1850 and non-fully-coupled simulations. Feels there would need to be a second paper....

JF: Because we're concerned about intellectual property, we are constrained here. In the past, the CCSM4 overview paper was submitted a few months after the release... perhaps we were less concerned about being scooped?

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