[Liwg-core] Good news: realistic GrIS ablation!; and next telecom

Miren Vizcaino M.Vizcaino at tudelft.nl
Fri Mar 10 06:29:28 MST 2017

Dear All,

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1 - Good news. We have tried the new SCF with #134 and snow thickness reset to 1 m w.e. over the GrIS, and now CESM is able to realistically simulate the ablation areas at ALL ice sheet margins, including N and NE (see attached figure)!
The reason for the differences with the “control” #134 presented by Leo at the meeting is that 1 m w.e. is below Wmax = 2 m w.e. The span-up #134 snow/firn cover prevented thick snow/firn columns from ablating.

Congratulations and many thanks to everybody, very specially to Leo the implementation of the SCF and to Raymond for his work on the impact of snow/firn initialization.

2 - I propose to have a telecom next Wednesday, e.g., to discuss how to spin-up the snow/firn pack in time for the official CESM2.0 pre-industrial BG control.

Regards, Miren

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