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Jan Lenaerts Jan.Lenaerts at Colorado.EDU
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Hi all,

Jean-Francois is requesting a list of papers that will be written as part of the model development and analysis. All these can be part of a big CESM2 special issue in AGU journals (JGR, JAMES, Water Resources, and others). This special issue will probably be open for about 1.5 years (i.e. until later 2018).

>From the LIWG, I have this list:

Jeremy et al., CISM-CESM (JAMES)

Bill L. et al., CISM2 (JAMES?)

Leo et al., CLM firn (JAMES)

Leo et al., SMB evaluation & SMB time series (JGR-Atmospheres or Earth Surface)

Miren, what are your plans? Any other papers we should add to this? Note that this is a preliminary list and does not necessarily imply that the paper should actually be included. J-F just wants a broad idea on the number of papers and the journal targets.



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