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Hi Jan,

Thanks for collecting the paper list

Raymond aims for a paper on “Downscaling SMB with Elevation Classes”. We propose this as a companion paper in the same journal of a paper on "GrIS Climate and SMB Evaluation” (Leo et al). We can talk offline with you and Leo about this.  Either JAMES or JGR-Atm/Earth Surface are fine with us.

Regards, Miren

On Mar 23, 2017, at 5:47 PM, Jan Lenaerts <Jan.Lenaerts at Colorado.EDU<mailto:Jan.Lenaerts at Colorado.EDU>> wrote:

Hi all,

Jean-Francois is requesting a list of papers that will be written as part of the model development and analysis. All these can be part of a big CESM2 special issue in AGU journals (JGR, JAMES, Water Resources, and others). This special issue will probably be open for about 1.5 years (i.e. until later 2018).

From the LIWG, I have this list:

Jeremy et al., CISM-CESM (JAMES)

Bill L. et al., CISM2 (JAMES?)

Leo et al., CLM firn (JAMES)

Leo et al., SMB evaluation & SMB time series (JGR-Atmospheres or Earth Surface)

Miren, what are your plans? Any other papers we should add to this? Note that this is a preliminary list and does not necessarily imply that the paper should actually be included. J-F just wants a broad idea on the number of papers and the journal targets.



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