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Miren Vizcaino M.Vizcaino at tudelft.nl
Thu Mar 30 08:18:58 MDT 2017

Hi Bill,

The proposal is to use two variables from the latest run from Raymond - so it is based on inherent CESM2 model behavior.

output is here /glade/scratch/raymonds/archive/b.e20.B1850.f09_g16.pi_control.all.134_reset35_n05rep/lnd/hist

We rejected the idea of the ELA because

1) we don’t have SMB output per EC

2) prescribing an “observation-based" ELA falls into the problem of “baking" the answer

We propose to take the model output, and reset wherever Hsnow (t=20) - annual mean snow melt (average t=10-20) < 2 m w.e.  for the Greenland ice sheet.

Reset over tundra and all small glaciers

No reset for AIS, since we don’t aim to simulate ablation areas there

The idea is that this CESM run has 20 years, so enough time for the driest-with-no-melt areas to build 2 m w.e.

and we permit that grid cells with high accumulation and high melt (e.g. SE) can join the club of producing runoff

Given we have so little time, this seems like a handy solution - Is this feasible to implement?



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