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Leo is working on it...
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If anyone has time to do an analysis of #291 for tomorrow morning's meeting, that would be great.

Bill S

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Dear All,

Just a reminder that we will meet at 9:30 am in the Director's Conference Room  tomorrow -- please note the time change!

The primary topic will be an assessment of #289 vs #290, noting that the latter includes a "bug correction" to suppress the tracer instabilities in the atmosphere. The integration went for 100 years.

It will be also useful to get an assessment of any impacts of the recent land-ice bug correction. This is #291 which went for about 30 years.

The two primary simulations, #293 and #294, just started this morning using the new tag and will not be too far along to evaluate their solutions. Both of these simulations use the updated WACCM forcing data sets, but differ in their use (#294) or not (#293) of the atmospheric tracer instability bug correction. If we decide to go with this correction, then we do not need to continue one of the cases. Instead, we can run a parallel perturbation simulation and a 20C transient.

Please send me your slides by 8:30 am.

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