[Liwg-core] Final(?) mods for P1 ready

Bill Sacks sacks at ucar.edu
Wed Dec 5 16:07:08 MST 2018

Hi all,

The final(?) mods for P1 are ready. These include allowing the change to 
be limited to Greenland and adding a runoff flux that holds the excess 
rain, to maintain water balance.

These are documented in this PR https://github.com/ESCOMP/ctsm/pull/586

To run with them, do the following in components/clm

git remote add billsacks https://github.com/billsacks/ctsm.git
git fetch billsacks
git checkout rain_to_snow_runs_off

The default behavior is unchanged. So to exercise this new option, put 
the following in user_nl_clm:

  glacier_region_rain_to_snow_behavior = 

That will just enable the change over Greenland. If you want the change 
enabled over the entire CISM domain, then change the second item to 
'runs_off', too.

In addition to unit tests, I have done some short global runs to 
convince myself this is working properly, but as always, it wouldn't 
hurt to give this a critical look the first time you use it, in case I 
missed something. I'm kicking off the full CTSM test suite overnight 
just to confirm that this doesn't break something else, but I think this 
is at a state where it's ready for any of you to do a test run with it, 
if you want.

Bill S

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