[Liwg-core] Final(?) mods for P1 ready

Sarah Bradley - CITG S.L.Bradley-1 at tudelft.nl
Thu Dec 6 02:21:00 MST 2018

Hi Bill
Great news.  
I think we at Delft will try and do a short IG (I) run to see if things are going okay

Do you know after the testing for the block inception code, if that is also clean and ready to be used? 



> On 6 Dec 2018, at 00:07, Bill Sacks <sacks at ucar.edu> wrote:
> Hi all,
> The final(?) mods for P1 are ready. These include allowing the change to be limited to Greenland and adding a runoff flux that holds the excess rain, to maintain water balance.
> These are documented in this PR https://github.com/ESCOMP/ctsm/pull/586
> To run with them, do the following in components/clm
> git remote add billsacks https://github.com/billsacks/ctsm.git
> git fetch billsacks
> git checkout rain_to_snow_runs_off
> The default behavior is unchanged. So to exercise this new option, put the following in user_nl_clm:
>  glacier_region_rain_to_snow_behavior = 'converted_to_snow','converted_to_snow','runs_off','converted_to_snow'
> That will just enable the change over Greenland. If you want the change enabled over the entire CISM domain, then change the second item to 'runs_off', too.
> In addition to unit tests, I have done some short global runs to convince myself this is working properly, but as always, it wouldn't hurt to give this a critical look the first time you use it, in case I missed something. I'm kicking off the full CTSM test suite overnight just to confirm that this doesn't break something else, but I think this is at a state where it's ready for any of you to do a test run with it, if you want.
> Bill S
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