[Liwg-core] starting the new BG/JG on Monday

Miren Vizcaino M.Vizcaino at tudelft.nl
Thu Dec 6 05:51:50 MST 2018

Dear Kate, all, 

Many thanks to Bill L. and Bill S. for the code for no-GIC’s-inception and P1 (cold rain routed into run-off), respectively. 

Sarah successfully tested the no-GIC’s-inception code (thumbs up). It is only missing to have the code “formally” integrated into CESM-CISM, just a small task, I suppose Kate/NCAR can do this? 

Raymond and Sarah are setting a 10-year I run & subsequent T run with P1 code from Bill S to test it works fine. They will have the results later this week.

@Kate, now that we have all the new code, can you please set the BG/JG to start it on Monday? If you have any questions, Delft is happy to help. 

Best and thank you everyone, 

Miren & Delft team 


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