[Liwg-core] starting the new BG/JG on Monday

Sarah Bradley - CITG S.L.Bradley-1 at tudelft.nl
Thu Dec 6 09:19:56 MST 2018

Hi Kate

Sounds like a good plan: if you can send out the link to the directories for us to look at when they are set up, that would be great.


On 6 Dec 2018, at 17:17, Katherine Thayer-Calder <katec at ucar.edu<mailto:katec at ucar.edu>> wrote:

Hi Miren, Sounds good to me. I'll set up the sandbox and the scripts today. Then everybody will have the weekend to check the code base and make sure we are running what they want and expect. I'll aim to start the first BG again Monday morning.


On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 5:51 AM Miren Vizcaino <M.Vizcaino at tudelft.nl<mailto:M.Vizcaino at tudelft.nl>> wrote:
Dear Kate, all,

Many thanks to Bill L. and Bill S. for the code for no-GIC’s-inception and P1 (cold rain routed into run-off), respectively.

Sarah successfully tested the no-GIC’s-inception code (thumbs up). It is only missing to have the code “formally” integrated into CESM-CISM, just a small task, I suppose Kate/NCAR can do this?

Raymond and Sarah are setting a 10-year I run & subsequent T run with P1 code from Bill S to test it works fine. They will have the results later this week.

@Kate, now that we have all the new code, can you please set the BG/JG to start it on Monday? If you have any questions, Delft is happy to help.

Best and thank you everyone,

Miren & Delft team

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