[Liwg-core] report on new BG/JG: TOPOGRAPHY NOT UPDATED

Miren Vizcaino M.Vizcaino at tudelft.nl
Fri Dec 14 08:48:48 MST 2018


as promised, we have analyzed BG1, and found a major show-stopper. I’ll report in a separate email about the checks on things that ARE working. 

We found that ATM-TOPO in CLM is not being updated with CISM input. (TOPO_COL is evolving as expected though). 

We found that this was also the case in the previous BG/JG, but we missed it … probably because ATM-TOPO was added only as output in BG2

Laura run recently a BG and ATM-TOP was evolving normally. There she used CLM%BGC, while the current and previous BG/JG use CLM%BGC-CROP. 

@ Bill S, Kate: do we need to run with -CROP? 
@ Bill S, Jeremy, Marcus: does it seem plausible that the code from -CROP somehow does not work to produce topographic update from CLM to CAM? 


Miren & Delft group 

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