[Liwg-core] Strange ablation patterns of downscaled SMB in CMIP6-4xCO2

Raymond Sellevold - CITG R.Sellevold-1 at tudelft.nl
Wed Dec 19 02:40:14 MST 2018

Hello everyone,

I have been going through the downscaled SMB in the 4xCO2 run in the CMIP6 archive at cheyenne. As expected, large ablation areas appear, but the way they appear seems quite strange. Rather than having a movement of the equilibrium line, small blobs/islands starts to form slightly above the equilibrium line, and as time goes they expand and merge with the pre-existing ablation areas. Here is an animation where you can see this: https://surfdrive.surf.nl/files/index.php/s/W9wx6MpDYFE013i

Does anyone have any idea why ablation areas are expanding this way, and is this something to worry about?

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